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Professional Infidelity Investigator

Statistics show that 30- 60% of marriages in the US experience infidelity. So it’s a thorn in the flesh for both married couples and partners. If you suspect that your partner or spouse is seeing someone behind your back, the best thing to do is to hire a private investigator for infidelity investigations in Alaska. The investigator will allay your fears or confirm your suspicions.

Signs Your Spouse or Partner is Cheating

Unfaithful spouses or partners tend to be secretive about their affair partners and whereabouts. They are also evasive when asked about texts and calls that they receive. Any change in habits or routine such as working late or going on frequent business trips should set off an alarm. If they don’t explain what they were doing or where they were to your satisfaction then that should be a red flag.

We know that cheating is one of those things that a faithful spouse or partner may find hard to take. It’s good to hire an infidelity investigator before you make a move. Don’t speculate or ruminate about the issue.  our trusted investigator can help you determine the truth and help you move forward.

How We Catch Cheaters

We understand how delicate a cheating investigation is for most people. To catch cheaters, we employ the most convenient method of obtaining information and truth. Sometimes we may simply place a GPS tracker to confirm a spouse’s movement while in others, track them down physically. We commonly employ the following techniques during investigations:

• Still photography                             • Computer investigations
• Cell phone forensics                          • Hidden camera placement
• Bank account searches                         • Decoy services

Why Hire Us for Infidelity Investigations

As a top private investigator in Alaska, we bring over 20 years of experience to the table. We have uncovered the truth for hundreds of clients and handled sensitive details discreetly. None of our private detectives has been implicated or charged with wrongdoing.
• Verified and licensed investigators
• Professional and friendly staff
• Solid evidence (photos and videos)
• Fast and reliable investigations

Do you suspect that your spouse or partner in Alaska is cheating? Call (844) 266-3468 to speak to leading infidelity investigators who help you find the answer to your questions.

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