Alimony Investigations

Few people truly understand the financial implications of getting a divorce or separation. What may appear to herald the start of a new life only brings with it added financial responsibility. Once served with divorce papers, one partner realizes the reality of what lies ahead – alimony payments and spousal maintenance. Don’t let adrenalin kick in, let our alimony investigations detectives take up your case and lift the burden of paying alimony off your shoulders.

Stop Alimony Payments from Going to the Wrong Hands

During a divorce, one party tends to file for spousal maintenance so as to get alimony payments. While some payments are justified, others are solely driven by selfish motives. Some partners will get alimony payments and use them for the wrong purposes instead of what was ruled by the court. Don’t let your former spouse or partner abuse alimony for financial gain. Schedule a one-one-consultation with our Alaska private detectives to learn how we can show a “change of circumstances”. Armed with sufficient proof, you can petition the courts to reconsider your spousal maintenance payments.

Alimony Reduction and Termination

Co-habitation is a decisive factor in reducing or terminating your alimony. Under Arizona Law, alimony payments can effectually be reduced where a substantial “change of circumstances” is proved. You can file for either reduction or termination of alimony payments on the grounds of cohabitation. With thorough alimony investigations in Alaska, your payments can be reduced significantly and if you’re lucky, terminated. Before you case a ruling is made, the court will have to determine whether a de facto wife or husband relationship really exists. The court will be interested in finding out:• the Period of the relationship
• time spent by spouses/couples
• nature of daily activities
• the interrelation of personal affairs
• whether or not they vacation/holiday together

Our Private Investigators in Alaska can Obtain Proof

Neither the court nor the law enforcement agencies in Alaska are obliged to investigate whether your ex-spouse or partner is cohabiting with someone else. The responsibility to find the truth lies with you solely. Our private investigators in Alaska are ready to assist you with alimony payment investigations. We’ll not just uncover the nature of the relationship or level of deceit but gather admissible evidence that can stand the scrutiny of any court. Our detectives will document and present hard evidence, which your attorney can use to build a case for termination or reduction of alimony.

Need Assistance with Alimony Investigations in Alaska?

Call (844) 266-3468 and speak to one of the experienced alimony investigators in Alaska. We’re happy to discuss your case and fast-track alimony investigations so that the court can make a favorable ruling that will reduce the burden on your shoulders.

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